This blog

I’ve resisted starting a blog for some time.  I like twitter with its requirement that you be pithy and interactive or the moment is lost.  That’s likely to change once the 140 character requirement is dropped and I do find myself needing to say more without wanting to tweet in 407 parts.  So this blog was born.  I won’t begin by making grand promises as to how often it will be updated, but if you follow me on twitter, I will tweet when I update it.

Ishan Kolhatkar is Deputy Dean of Education Services at BPP University.
He was called to the Bar in 2002. He undertook pupillage and was a tenant at 2 Hare Court. Following a short spell at the Nursing & Midwifery Council he joined BPP Law School in 2011 as a tutor on the Bar Professional Training Course and the Bar Transfer Test. He previously led the Criminal Litigation, Evidence & Sentencing module and also taught Advocacy, Professional Ethics, Advanced Criminal Litigation and Professional Discipline on the BPTC. He is an ATC accredited advocacy trainer. From September 2013-2016 he was appointed by the Bar Standards Board to be the External Examiner for Advocacy at Manchester Metropolitan University. He is now the External Examiner for Advanced Criminal Litigation at several BPTC providers and a Standard Setter for the CEB Crime paper.
He has an interest in online learning in terms of the technology, delivery and the blend with face-to-face teaching. Away from education he enjoys cooking and eating good food.